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Helping men become better husbands and partners
ORGASMIC will help you become a “Sex God.” You will learn how to make her:
  • Multi-orgasmic
  • Ejaculate
  • Get the most powerful orgasms of her life
  • Faint (the ultimate bragging right)
  • Appreciate and value you
ORGASMIC tells you why:
  • Penis size is irrelevant
  • Knowledge of the Pudendal Nerve is so important
  • You shouldn’t follow the porn film formula
  • Stimulating her mind is essential before stimulating her body
ORGASMIC shows where, when, and how to:
  • Spank to push her into orgasm
  • Stimulate the G-spot
  • Use another orifice to give her great pleasure
  • Be a real man in her eyes

ORGASMIC: An Illustrated Guide for Men on Sexually Satisfying Women (hard cover version by late 2015)
BLISS: An Illustrated Guide for Women on Attracting and Keeping a Man will be released in early 2016.
CONTENTMENT: An Illustrated Guide for Couples on Maintaining a Great Companionship will be released in late 2016.
SATISFACTION: An Illustrated Guide for Parents on Raising Successful and Happy Children 
TRIUMPH: An Illustrated Guide for Retirees on Enjoying their Twilight Years

ORGASMIC™ is the first of a series of books on sexuality and human relationships and aims to be this generation’s “Joy of Sex." ORGASMIC doesn't just show men how to become “Sex Gods,” it provides guidance on how men and women can become truly happy—by having partners who love and cherish them. ORGASMIC exposes the secret to becoming the ideal man--and it is not by putting her on a pedestal.

ORGASMIC is beautifully illustrated by Geoffrey Klepeis, one of the most talented new artists of our time. Each of the over one hundred illustrations is painstakingly done by hand. The quality of the illustrations speak for themselvesno other sex education work on the market today contains comparable art. The artwork alone is worth the price of the book.
We believe "Erotic does not have to be explicit." Consequently, the book does not show genitalia (with one exception) or penetration—at most it is a “softcore” book, not “hardcore.”

"Orgasmic" is a registered trademark of Edward K. Watson (U.S. Trademark Application Serial No. 85775921)

ORGASMIC addresses a serious problem afflicting our world: Men are expected to know how to be great lovers and great partners despite the absence of formal training or education that transmits a body of wisdom to the next generation. While etiquette training used to be the norm for women and children in certain societies, it has always been assumed that men automatically know what to do sexually and how to behave in marriage.

Unfortunately, despite sex is a very large and important part of our lives, men are not born with the instinct of becoming great lovers and neither are we blessed with education nor training on the right way to pleasure our partners. While the saturation of pornography in our world has made men sexually more proficient and adventurous, it has failed to develop experts who possess the sexual and relational skills needed to retain lasting companionships with their partners.

This is why divorce and separation is so rampant and why even good lovers can’t form lasting and loving relationships. This is why so many feel empty and incomplete inside despite rampant casual sex with multiple partners. This is why millions are growing old alone despite their dreams of lifelong marriages when they were younger or newly married.

ORGASMIC: An Illustrated Guide for Men on Sexually Satisfying Women is the next step in man’s evolution to sexual and relational expertise. It will help many men avoid the pitfalls that await them as they enter into new relationships and will help strengthen and save other relationships that are in trouble.
Notice and Warning

1. This book is instructional, not pornographic. Its purpose is to help men become better lovers to their partners in committed relationships (whether wife, common law partner, or girlfriend).

2. This book discusses sexuality in the context of human relationships, and includes the mental preparation and optimal attitude men need to become excellent lovers. It is not restricted to a step-by-step sexual script, but begins with a broad range of instruction that you and your partner will build on. When you become the ideal man in a woman’s life, she will want to make you happy just as you want her to be happy. Only good things can come from this.

3. If you don’t want to give your partner the best sexual pleasures of her life, close this book and walk away.

4. If you consider the discussion and illustration of sex wrong or sinful, read no further.

5. Sexually explicit images (porn) can be obtained by anyone at any time over the Internet. To be different, the sexual illustrations of couples in this book are suggestive but not explicit. In other words, this is a “softcore” book instead of “hard-core,” and is meant to instruct and inspire rather than simply entertain.

6. This book is written for men with one sexual partner and follows the belief you cannot get anything from another woman that you cannot get from your wife. If you choose to use the techniques in this book with multiple sex partners, be careful and responsible.

7. Some women are victims of rape and sexual abuse and may harbor traumatic memories around sex or some of the practices in this book. Talk to your partner before you introduce any new sexual techniques. If she is triggered by anything in this book, leave that act out of your new sexual exploration!

8. If a woman gives this book to you—be smart! You are about to get a lot of sex and sexual experimentation from a willing partner and a chance to improve (maybe even save) your marriage or relationship. Embrace it. Don't get hung up on why she gave you the book in the first place.

9. You (not the author) are liable for any disease, damage, exhaustion, or death that may arise from following the techniques in this book. You have sex and experiment with new sexual techniques entirely at your own risk.

10. Legal Disclaimer: Do NOT follow any instructions in this book that are illegal where you live and do NOT use any information from this book in any way that may harm another or violate the law. The perpetuator (not the author) is liable in all cases.


Edward K. Watson works for a Fortune 500 engineering company, and specializes in developing and managing EPC phase deliverables and packages for megaprojects in the oil and gas industry. Possessing an intense curiosity about the world and humanity, he strives to understand how things work and how they can be improved.

Happily married to the most beautiful woman in the world, he is determined to share with others the secret to a happy relationship and fantastic sex.

Ed lives in Calgary, Canada. For more information, contact him here.


Geoffrey Klepeis is an illustrator based in Calgary. He received his BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design, and frequents a classical atelier in France.

Geoff is a classical artist and strives to bring back the realism and humanism of art that has gotten lost in modern genres.
Check out his website here
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